I married a Mennonite

It’s a common problem.  You’re single and available and you meet a potential mate but they happen to be a Mennonite (and you’re not).  Your first question: What is a Mennonite?  Your relationship continues to grow and now you’re thinking of marriage.  Your next question: Are Mennonites permitted to marry outside of their faith?  (We may discuss this another time). You get married and now the honeymoon is over and you wake up and ask yourself “What planet am I living on?  I used to understand life but things are no longer the same.”

Everyone around you is related.  Everyone has a secret code and language.  They seem to understand each other but you just stand there with a question on your face.  Your spouse seems accepted everywhere he or she goes but you’re not.  You feel like an outsider.  People seem nice but you know you’re just not included like other “true” Mennonites are.  If there is a problem, you’re told to talk about it with your spouse – they’ll understand.

You want to get away.  You want to move somewhere where there are no Mennonites.  You’re frightened that you stepped back in a time warp.  What has happened?  Did you lose your mind?  What are you doing wrong?

This is what I call the “Mennonite Zone”.  You’re here but you’re not really.  You’re living and breathing but is it real.  People pass you and give you strange looks.  What are you doing here.  Why didn’t your spouse marry a real Mennonite?

You’re not crazy.  The Zone is real and it can’t be broken.  Your children may enter the zone but you never will.menno at the beach


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