Learn your three letter words

If you’re new to the Mennonite game you need a few pointers.  Tonight I will cover the 3 letter abbreviation names.  It’s a little like the government – FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.

EMU – Eastern Mennonite University

EMS – Eastern Mennonite Seminary

LMS – Lancaster Mennonite School – this is really multiple schools but they call it school

IMS –  Iowa Mennonite School

EMM – Eastern Mennonite Missions

MCC – Mennonite Central Committee

MDS – Mennonite Disaster Service

MVS – Mennonite Volunteer Service

NLF – New Life Fellowship

MYF – Mennonite Youth Fellowship – not to be outbid, the Baptists have BYF

VMS – Virginia Mennonite Service

MMN – Mennonite Mission Network

MEA – Mennonite Education Agency

MMA – This is now Everence –  The Mennos didn’t want to sound like Mixed Martial Arts

MWC – Mennonite World Conference – this sounds scary!

I’m sure there’s more and there are some four letter ones as well but I’m going to stop before the MBI (Mennonite Bureau of Investigation) comes after me!

love mennonites


One comment

  1. Brian, you’re a hoot. I just have one correction. I know all of these except for VMS. Where did you get that? There is VMM — Virginia Mennonite Missions, not be be confused with EMM!

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