Mennonite History

I plan to keep this blog light hearted and fun without offending too many people.  I know I can do the first but the second . . . well we’ll see.

I also hope to throw in some tidbits of history and background to the Mennonite faith.  My style of writing is “keeping it short”.  I believe that people these days are too busy to read large documents or they just don’t care that much.  I would rather publish one line than 1,000 pages.

I never read a lot of Mennonite history but I know the basics.  I hope to share these bit by bit in between some funnies to keep it light.  Please let me know if you are interested in this stream.

To get started, here is a really good short article that you might want to read:

I appreciate comments, questions, suggestions on this blog: Two famous Mennonites have already checked in – Steve Shank and Jewel Showalter.  Both are from EMM.  Steve is a fake Mennonite but we’ll overlook that!


love mennonites




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