Christians in the military

So we stand on a peace platform.  We are passive.  We don’t go to war.

Where does that leave those who do go to war?  Are they Christians?  Can they be saved?  If you were raised in a Mennonite home, you may have believed that all soldiers, and policeman for that matter, could not be Christians.  It probably wasn’t taught to you that way but that is what you were led to believe.  It was inferred.  Is that too strong a statement?  Did any of you get that idea?  I did.

I was shocked the first time that I went to my wife’s church (a Baptist church – you know they believe in believer’s baptism too) and they had in the bulletin “Serviceman of the week”.  I thought “Serviceman?” why would they be praying for a serviceman?

I found out that yes, there are believers who join the military.  In fact there are a lot of devout believers in the military.  It rocked my world for a short time until I got over it.  We are so busy trying to be inclusive in the Mennonite Church.  How will we react when a soldier comes to church in his or her uniform?



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