Christians in the military, part 2

Some interesting comments that came in about Christians and the military.  They were submitted to me (off this site).  I printed them without change but deleted names for their privacy.

My children were raised in a Christian home, and went to Mennonite schools from elementary to high school. When my son was in eleventh grade, 9/11 happened. It was that event that made him decide to enter the military. Do I believe that God called him? Absolutely, as much as he could have been called to be a car salesman, or computer analyst! Has it been hard? You better believe it! Two tours to Afghanistan hasn’t been fun but my faith in God has increased and multiplied as God has shown himself faithful in protecting my son through some dangerous times. And have we prayed together regarding the situations he encountered? Yes! I know my son is a godly example to those men whom he leads, to the elders of tribes in villages where he is a spokesman, and to those who he is accountable to. I thank God for young men and women who serve our country for the freedom we hold dear, but is so often taken for granted.

This article hit close to home. With some of  ******  sisters very conservative Mennonites, we actually got into this very conversation that servicemen can’t be Christian’s. Of course, at the time they had no idea that ***** was pursuing a military career. If they only knew how many times that ****** (not a Christian of course) asked me to pray for his men, their missions, meetings with elders of Afghanistan tribes, etc. they would be amazed! And the freedom that they are offered everyday BECAUSE of men fighting for it is taken for granted and disregarded. This issue makes me HOT!!! But, I know for a fact, that ****** Mennonite Church has had to re-look at their stance because a few of their congregation had enlisted. Interesting, huh? Thanks for your interesting posts!!!

In our small congregation of about 80 folks, we have at least 6 families with a son or son in law in the military. Each name is listed in the bulletin each Sunday for prayer. Updates on each are regularly given. Our son was in first grade when 9/11 occurred and in my mother’s heart knew that he would one day join the military. For him it is the right path in life for now and is part of god’s plan for his life. We are very thankful for the support of our church family.

David was a soldier! There was also this Roman centurion I read about in the Book of Acts; he got saved and filled with Holy Spirit. There was also the centurion whose faith astonished Jesus (Matt. 8). Just something to provoke thought!



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