I stand corrected on a few jokes for Friday

A Mennonite and Amish couple that is related to my sister makes $70 an hour on the Internet in their barn. In their first month, they made $15,000.  Click here for more info.

It is hard to date when you are a Mennonite.  Everyone you meet seems to be a cousin, aunt or uncle, nephew or niece.  I tried to date out of my faith but then my parents were mad that I dated a Catholic.  Maybe there should be a Mennonite dating service on line.  We could call it YoniesMatch.com

Ok, in the short time since this was published, I was corrected!  Apparently there IS A SITE for single Mennonites.  It is called: MennoniteMeet.com.  I was told to stress that it is not Meat, but Meet!  Alrighty then, I was joking but if there are Mennonite singles that desperate to meet ANOTHER Mennonite so be it!   Let’s keep that homogeneous lifestyle going!

love mennonites


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