Ethnicity vs. Religion, part 1

A family in Philadelphia walked to a small brick church down the street.  They were looking for a church and Chestnut St. Mennonite was close and convenient.   After their first visit, they were convinced that they would make this their new church. This family was Hispanic and they were looking for a mixed race congregation.  They never heard of Mennonites before.  They had no Mennonite roots.  They certainly didn’t come from ancestors in Switzerland.  They didn’t know what shoe fly pie was and they didn’t know how to play the Mennonite game.

They appreciated the family atmosphere.  The peace and justice viewpoint lined up with their beliefs.  They were interested in missions and giving to the poor.   They worshiped God in this church.

Don’t waste your time telling this family that Mennonites are an ethic or cultural group instead of a spiritual movement.  They won’t buy it because to them and many others their church is just that: church.

This story can be retold in cities across America and the world.  The Mennonite Church functioning as a church.

hispanic menno



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