Oh, those Mennonites!

It has long been thought that many Mennonites did not use instruments in their worship because they are worldly.  It turns out, however, that they just didn’t want to spend money on instruments so they learned to sing acapella.

A Mennonite walked into a bar with his horse.  The Mennonite ordered a beer and asked for rye for his horse.  The bartender brought a shot of rye for the horse but the man said, no he wants “rye”.  The bartender got mad and said, ” we don’t sell that kind of rye.  We’re a bar.  Why did you bring your horse in here anyway?”  The Mennonite said, “well, he is depressed and I thought I could cheer him up.”

“How do you know he’s depressed?”

The Mennonite answered, “Don’t you see his long face?”



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