EMM missions to Guatemala

For all the complaining, fault finding, criticism and jokes – Yes me included, ok me more than anyone else!  I do enjoy posting the good, positive, blessing, Godly, on and on and on.   Soooooooo, for tonight (and I hope this is ok)  I am posting the good, etc. etc.

Since my favorite country is Guatemala, here are some Mennonite heroes serving there:

Galen and Phyllis Groff

My Photo

Location San Pedro CarchaAlta VerapazGuatemala
Introduction We have been blessed to spend 20 of the last 27 years in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala learning the language and culture of the K’ekchi people group. We work with the K’ekchi Mennonite Church which was started more than 40 years ago by missionaries sent by Eastern Mennonite Missions in Salunga, PA. The church currently consists of 126 congregations and approximately 10,000 members. The church serves it’s community through the Bezaleel Education Center which is a high school with 170 boarding students and a health program which provides basic health care to several hundred rural villages. Our role is to walk with the leaders that God is raising up among his people here. That means mentoring some, teaching some, praying with some as we carry them in our hearts and learn with them what it means to walk with Jesus in this part of the world.


Blessings to you today and everyday.  May God guide you and strengthen you in all the work that you do!

And don’t forget to read my Mennonite jokes to cheer you up!


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