MCC Relief Sale

One of my earliest and fondest memories of Mennonite culture was attending the annual MCC Relief Sale.  This annual journey was always exciting with anticipation of what we would buy.  I had no idea what MCC was or what a relief sale was.  I only knew that there was a lot of shouting and excitement over people buying everything from pies to quilts.

Since I grew up in Illinois in the 1960’s we did not have constant access to Pennsylvania Dutch hand made pretzels.  The one item that we always bought at the sale was the large can of Hammond Pretzels!  They were a favorite in our house and in later years I had the opportunity to buy a house right down the street from the little factory on West End Ave. in Lancaster PA.

The only other purchase that I remember some 40 years later was a hammer.  I don’t know why I remember that particular purchase except that I grew to be a carpenter for several years during high school and college.  hmmm  Seeds that were planted??



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