Mennonite Media

Mennonite USA is working on a new publication called Mennonite Swimsuit Edition.  Do you think this is a good idea?  I’m not so sure.  In the 1950’s they tried a Mennonite Miss America. I’ve seen tapes of this.  It was actually pretty good.  The talent portion got a little boring when every girl showed off her quilting skills for the talent.   It didn’t work because most Mennonites did not have TV’s yet so they couldn’t watch it.  The one program that did work for a couple years was the Mennonite Olympics.  Some of the sports that were played were Rook and buggy races.  They had to discontinue because of using the Olympics name.

Someone mentioned starting “Who wants to be a Mennonite Millionaire?” but they couldn’t find any contestants due to the fact that most Mennonites are millionaires.

Below are several of the contestants for the swimsuit edition.  I for one will not be buying it.

ImageMenno swimsuits


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