A new three letter word

This may sound cynical to some but . . .

There is a Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) at Eastern Mennonite University.  From the title, I really don’t get what this is.  Maybe if I still went to a Mennonite Church I would understand it better.  From the outside it sounds like a really big fancy name for “mediation”.  Communities across the country use mediation for all sorts of conflicts.  Maybe they should get a bigger or fancier name to make it sound better.

I’m not putting down the effort.  I just prefer simple names.  I should have added CJP to my three letter Mennonite names.

I don’t know what peacebuilding is.  Spell check doesn’t either because it keeps underlining it red.  Try it.  It’s not a real word.

Peaceful states?




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