Homosexuality is


I feel bombarded with the issues of homosexuality.  It is constant.  Daily.  Everywhere I go and everything I do.  It is commented during the Olympics, football, TV, movies, church, news, everywhere.  I can’t get away from it.  In light of that, I will make a prediction:  In 10 or 20 years from now, the homosexual issue will be settled in the church and the church will wonder what the “big deal” was back in 2014.

Since we are all struggling to know God’s direction with this, let’s look at the subject from a slightly different angle.  This is certainly not exhaustive and I have not put any great research into it.

There are a variety of sexual related sins listed in the Bible: Fornication (sex before marriage), Adultery (sex outside of marriage), Remarriage after divorce, lust (basically the same as fornication and adultery in God’s eyes), and homosexuality.

In the…

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