Some Mennonite Thoughts for Today

I’m reading a book by Douglas Gehman, “White Picket Fences” (  I will give a full review later but so far it is GREAT!.  Doug talks about his dad attending LMH and fighting against the dress code.  At the time, they all wore black and he put colored shoe strings in his shoes to rebel.  The school promptly added shoe strings to the dress code.   Somethings never change at the core. It could be girls wanting to wear jeans, earrings, make-up, long hair, or colored shoe strings.

I had a conversation with some Mennonite friends today.  We discussed how Mennonites (me included) hate confrontation.  The eldest in the crowd said “I’m also part Irish so don’t get me started!”.  I didn’t and we moved on to another discussion.

In reviewing my blog stats, I noticed that my post about Mennonite Drug Runners is the 2nd highest read on my blog.  Almost daily, someone pulls this article up.  It fascinates me why this is such an interesting topic but apparently it is.  It just goes to show that we never know what will draw interest when we are writing.

Mennonites have battled many subjects over the years.  The current battle of homosexuality is causing large waves and may end up splitting many churches off.  Lets continue to pray for God’s wisdom, grace, mercy and love.


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