Go from your country


I had a great weekend with missionary friends that are home on furlough.   We attended the global fair with Eastern Mennonite Missions and also their commissioning service on Sunday.  Overall – a win win across the board.

Some thoughts and reflections: As a child, my memories of missionaries are of “old” people coming to our church showing slides of Africa.  The men wore funny “missionary” shirts and they brought hand crafted trinkets from other countries.  I still have some of those trinkets in my house today.  Men are still wearing those “missionary” shirts and the women still wear long colorful dresses in native patterns.  I like them more now as an adult than when I was a child.

Missions is a tough gig.  You need to go to another country and leave your family and friends.  Your children are confused because they don’t know what nationality they are.  Not…

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